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      "Poor boy!" it causes two women behind her to exclaim, "poor boy!" but Flora pays no heed, for Hilary is speaking to the Callenders.

      She was all in a little flutter of excitement, and the blood mantled in her powdered cheek, making the artistically applied rouge almost unnecessary, as she watched Esmeralda going through the last stages of her toilet under Barkers experienced hands.What a success! said Lady Ada. My dear Esmeralda, you have had a triumph!

      Flora made a gesture of delight but harkened on--Down in the camp the battery was forming into park; a pretty movement. The ladies watched it, the cavalrymen explaining. Now it was done. The command broke ranks, and now its lieutenants joined the fair company and drank its eulogies--grimly, as one takes a dram.

      Her colloquy with the woman had taken but a second, and she followed close upon the mans heels. The horse was tethered close beside the hut; the man put the saddle on without a word, and Esmeralda sprung into it, the revolver still in her hand. The horse was a young one, full of spirit and eager to be off, but she reined him in for a moment.Why did you marry me?

      Yes! he said through his clinched teeth. She is in their hands, and we are powerless. Any attempt on our part to recapture her might lead to

      On our wedding-day, continued Trafford, speaking very slowly, and as if he were communing with himself, rather than addressing Varley, I made a discovery. I discovered that I loved herloved her as passionately and truly as any man ever loved since the world began.

      Norman colored and shook his head.


      That is not trueand you know it! she said. Wait; I dont want you to answer me, to talk to me as if I were a child, an ignorant girl. II should hate to have you lie to me. Besides, it is too late.If you remember, continued the duke in his soft voice, and with the same smile and manner, that gentleman made an elaborate plan for transforming the bay into a watering-place.



      God bless you, my dear Trafford! he said, as Trafford handed him over to the ducal valet. I am always so happy when you can come down! I wish you could be with us oftener. He laid his white hand on Traffords shoulder, and looked into the grave, handsome face affectionately. Some day, Trafford, I hope you will not come alone. I trust that I may be spared to welcome a daughter, to see my sons childrenthe future Duke of Belfayreplaying at my knee. Good-night, my dear Trafford. God bless you!