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      "Well, she'll have you both in the end, anyhow."

      "Mr. Hedges, the Liberal agent, promised that if I'd write fur him, he'd git me work on a London paper, and I could m?ake my fortune and be free of all this.""I was thinking."

      He received his father very kindly, giving him a seat close to the table so that he might have a refuge for his cup and saucer, and introducing him to a gentleman who, he said, was writing a book on Sussex commons and anxious for information about Boarzell.

      Calverley had beheld the group as they entered the court, and instantly averting his eyes from the mother and son, he fixed them upon Margaret.Norma paced to the window and looked out, but the day was gray: she saw only her own reflection. "Something happened," she murmured. "Iguess I had too much to drink. I wanted to talk."

      "I hate you! I hate you!" she cried, and threw herself about.


      "But who may you be, stranger, who thus interest yourself for the injured?" asked the monk, "or why this disguise?""No flints here," he said; "reckon there's some stiff ground on the hillbut it's only the surface. Heather ?un't growingthat's a tedious good sign. I'll have oats herethe best in Peasmarsh."



      "Yes, my lord."